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Our professional procedure is as follows:
Immediately the skins are separated from the carcasses of the animals, they are placed in plastic containers and packed one by one in ice. The containers are then transported from the slaughter house to our processing plant by our own refrigerated trucks.

Refrigerado con hielo
Refrigerado con hielo

All our "novillo" and "Catalonian novillo” skins then pass systematically trough the mecanised process in our refrigeration plant where they are chilled to 4ºC.

Selection and Trimming

The hides are categorized, trimmed and cut. At this point the hides are also registered in our data-base.

Refrigeración a 4º
From this point onwards the hides can be processed in three different manners:

1. Washing and pre-fleshing

In this process, the hides are washed with bactericide in large drums to clean them and remove any remaining waste, then pre-fleshed (to enable better conservation and likewise higher quality classification after tanning), and stored under salt 21 days, after which they are desalinated and palletized ready for despatch.

Lavado con bactericida

2. Traditional Salting

In this process, the hides are salted in conventional method for 21 days, then desalinated and palletized ready for despatch


3. Preparation for dry tanning

In this process, the hides are washed and pre-fleshed only. They are then despatched in their fresh condition to tannery to be worked inmediately.


Stocks are mantained under optimum conditions in our refrigerated warehouses, insuring that we can at all times supply the high quality skins required by our clients and in the quantities requested..

Almacenaje a 12-13º
Almacenaje a 12-13º
Almacenaje a 12-13º

We have mechanised our manual system to a high level and as a result have achieved an excellent day to day regularity in the production process.

We supply hides to tanneries in Spain, Italy, France, Germany and Asia, to the highly reputable tanneries that supply manufacturers of high quality luxury leather goods such as accessories and footwear.

The slaughter rate is not very hight in Catalonia, however, we handle more than 4.000 hides per week. Currently, this means we are processing in the region of 200.000 hides per year; a quantity which permits us to afford our full attention to quality and service.

Wet Blue and Wet White

In conjuction with the company of "Industrial Igualadina S.L" from Igualada, we have extended our range of products to include the processing of the stable-reared "Catalonian Novillo" skins in Wet Blue and Wet White.

The carefully selected selected and chilled hides are trasported from our warehouse in Girona to Igualada in our own refrigerated trucks where they are processed according to the personal requirements of the client.

Almacenaje a 12-13º
Almacenaje a 12-13º
Almacenaje a 12-13º

Industrial Igualadina, S.L. uses the latest technology and equipment in its modern installations to produce a high quality in both Wet Blue and Wet White which fullfills all the requirements that render them adaptable to all finishes of leather, especially the high qualities required for the manufacture of luxury range footwear and accessories, automobile and furniture upholstery.

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